In today’s digital world, financial institutions face so many challenges: adhering to increasingly stringent regulatory compliance standards, keeping sensitive data secure and improving customer satisfaction.

At ITL Global Services, we’re dedicated to keeping pace with these ever-changing demands and offer customized telecommunication solutions to overcome these obstacles.

We understand that success in the banking and finance industry is directly correlated to the quality of your network. Financial firms are always looking for networks with high availability, especially during peak trading hours. This can only be achieved with multiple carrier networks that run separately from one and other – and specialized product offerings like time synchronization services.

Our dedicated team has in-depth knowledge of all the connections, providers, specifications and pricing that these global networks offer.

From North America and Europe through the Middle East and Asia Pacific, ITL supports fully-diverse and protected paths across the globe. Our reliable low latency point-to- point connectivity provides financial institutions with a competitive advantage that is unmatched. Key connected locations include New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, Brazil, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai and more.

We have spent the past 20+ years doing all of that legwork in preparation to support the goals of your business. The design, delivery, and support of global low-latency connectivity is our specialty.

This, coupled with our superior customer experience and single point of contact for more than 300 carriers, makes ITL the only choice.

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