Founded ITL Global Services

April 14, 1993

Opened its doors with 30 employees in Seattle, Washington.

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Reached 4,000 Active Customers Worldwide

November 17, 1993

Starting with its 1st customer in April 1993, ITL reached its 4,000th active customer in just 7 months.

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Established Switching Site in Washington State

January 14, 1995

Offering wholesale domestic and international long distance services to customers.

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Launched Kall8™ Platform

August 18, 1996

A Comprehensive Suite of Enhanced Toll-Free Service

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CANTAT3 Submarine Cable Operation

May 16, 1997

Starting operating facilities on CANTAT 3 Submarine Cable to the U.K. to deliver low cost call services throughout Europe

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Integral Part of Litigation to Legalize Trigger Number Calling

April 26, 1998

Provided customers with the ability to pay US rates when initiating international calls.

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Certified as a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

June 23, 1998

CLEC Registration allowed ITL to compete with already established local telephone businesses by offering its own network and switches.

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Launched JetPage Service

November 3, 1998

A unified messaging service that enabled users to receive an email, fax, or voice message to a single phone number.

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Expanded Switching Sites to California, New York and Puerto Rico

March 8, 2002

Offering wholesale domestic and international long distance services to customers.

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Pioneered Self-Serve Online Customer Portal

February 10, 2012

One of the first companies that provided customers with the ability to modify their own call blocking, call forwarding and call recording settings online.

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SwiftReach Networks Acquires ITL Global Services

January 1, 2016

SwiftReach Networks Inc. completes acquisition of ITL Global Services.

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Reached 25,000 Active Customers Worldwide

September 26, 2016

Starting with its 1st customer back in 1993, ITL now supports more than 25,000 active customers across the globe.

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Released Interactive Toll-Free Number Search Tool

March 9, 2017

Offers comprehensive search functionality for customers to locate industry-specific vanity, premium and repeated toll-free numbers in real-time.

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