At ITL Global Services, we understand that a solid network infrastructure is vital to the foundation of any business so they can connect and communicate quickly.

ITL operates four physically diverse network operations centers and our facilities operate 24/7/365. We provide low latency connectivity between major financial exchanges to ensure our customers have seamless access to the critical business services and resources they require.

ITL regularly monitors network capacity and performance, and proactively upgrades our infrastructure. This process ensures there is a seamless delivery of your mission-critical traffic, allowing it to take the most direct, lowest-latency path available, from origination to destination.

Our personnel are dedicated to the uptime of the network and our customers have direct access to the Network Operations Center (NOC) through our toll free number.

Our premium international network connects 35 countries and over 170 POPs worldwide, with guaranteed reliability, security and performance. That’s ITL Global Services.

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