Wholesale Toll-Free Phone Services

If you’re looking to drastically reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, ITL’s enhanced toll-free routing platform may be the best solution for your business. Our toll-free phone service offers:

– Wholesale Toll-Free Rates Connected to Carriers Worldwide
– Enhanced Reliability & Redundancy – Four Geo-Dispersed Switching Centers
– Carrier-Grade Telecom Switching Infrastructure with Load Balancing
– Complete VoIP with Full SIP Infrastructure
– Complex and Flexible Proprietary Call Routing Capabilities
– Detailed Real-Time Call Reporting

ITL Global Services offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly toll-free phone services in the industry – serving more than 25,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Features Include:

1. Online Management Tools – Track Results in Real Time!
2. Many Number Types – Vanity, True 800, Repeaters, 1000s and More
3. Automated Territory and Location-Based Call Routing with Percent Allocation
4. Real-Time Mobile Apps – iOS, Android and Windows Devices
5. Customized Call Forwarding and Call Recording
6. SMS Text-Enabled Toll-Free Numbers
7. Lead Management Functionality

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